Escorted Tours

These are the fully escorted Tours that we are currently offering. We personally lead these Tours ourselves and are available at all times during the Tour.  


May/June 2019 - North West Spain & Portugal


A Tour across the north coast of Spain on the spectacular driving roads for which the area is famous, using Paradors where possible and visiting A Coruna, Santiago de Compostela, Baiona and Cape Finisterre before heading south into Portugal where we spend two nights in Porto itself  returning via the Douro Valley, Salamanca and the stunning Parador at Lerma. There is an option to use the Santander ferry to avoid the drive through France.


This Tour is limited to 14 places. 

Hallstatt - Austria

July 2019 - An Austrian Adventure


A 10-day Tour for everyone with a passion for cars and driving. This Tour through six countries offers great automotive history combined with drives over spectacular Alpine passes. We cross lesser known passes such as the Katchberg & Monte Giovo along with the big names of Stelvio and Gross Glockner. We visit the Red Bull and Mercedes Benz museums along with the Porsche wartime factory and museum in Gmund. In addition you will also be able to visit "The Eagles Nest" and the castle "Where Eagles Dare". A visit to the Nurburgring is also included in this unmissable Tour!!


This Tour is limited to 14 places. 


July/August 2019 - A Baltic Blast


An epic 23 day escorted Tour into the Arctic Circle via Stockhom to Tromso and then back via Helsinki, the Baltic States and Poland. We will have two free days in Stockholm and Tromso and one free day in Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Krackow and Wroclaw. We will be visiting numerous places of interest including the spot where the Tirpitz was sunk, and the cities of Vilnius and Koln amongst others. We will take a ferry from Germany to Denmark and return on a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. As usual bed and breakfast, return Eurotunnel crossings and the two major ferries are included in the price. The hotels are all 4* with the exception of two that are 5* and one that is 3*.  


This Tour is limited to 5 places. 


September 2019 - Under the Tuscan Sun


An eleven day tour, taking four days to travel to Tuscany via the Black Forest, Lake Constance, the Timmelsjoch Pass & the Dolomites. We then spend four days touring Tuscany from a base in the heart of Chianti, before returning home in three days via  a night in Turin, the Mont Cenis Pass, the Col d'Iseran and Burgundy. On this tour most hotels are 4 star and like all of our tours, return Eurotunnel crossings are included in the price.


This Tour is limited to 14 places. 

Our hotel at Lake Maggiore

September 2019 - Luxury Italian Lakes


A brand new 10-day Tour that is centred around four nights in two wonderful hotels on two of the most beautiful Italian Lakes, Maggiore & Como. Our journey to the Lakes will take us via the beautiful town of Belfort and the Swiss capital Bern and our return journey will take us over some stunning passes in Switzerland and Austria in addition to the famous "Route 500" through the Black Forest. Whilst we are in Italy we will visit the superb Alfa Romeo museum and the iconic banked Grand Prix circuit in the Royal Park at Monza.  


This Tour is limited to 12 places. 

The Monaco Historique

May 2020 - The Monaco Historique


A 11-day escorted driving Tour with 5 nights on the Mediterranean Riviera to enjoy the "Monaco Historique".


In addition, there will be visits to Chateau Thierry, Chateau Savigny, Mont Ventoux, St Tropez, Cannes, the Route Napoleon, Castellane, Sisteron, Epernay and the old circuit at Chimay.  

Windmills at Campo de Criptana

May 2020 - Madrid & Central Spain


A 14-day driving tour that will take us to the wonderful cities of Segovia and Madrid where we will spend 2 & 3 nights respectively. From there we head south into central Spain, true "Don Quixote" country, defined by the white painted windmills and arid plains. We will drive on magnificent roads through mountains and gorges and visit many historic places as well as places of spectacular natural beauty. We will stay in a number of historic Paradors in addition to a couple of more modern hotels. As always the Tour is offered on a bed & breakfast basis with return Channel Tunnel crossing included in the price. There is also an option to use the Portsmouth to Santander ferry for inward and outward crossings rather than driving through France. 


This Tour is limited to 14 places. 

The Pyrenees National Park

June/July 2020 Passes of the Pyrenees


A spectacular 13-day driving tour with three nights in fabulous 5* hotels (all other hotels are 4*), that takes you right across the Pyrenees from the Atlantic coast in the north to the Mediterranean coast in the south. We will spend 6 days in the Pyrenees before returning via the Costa Brava, the Cote Vermeille, Millau, the Cevennes, the Tarn Gorge, Oradour-sur-Glane and Poitiers. As always the Tour is offered on a bed & breakfast basis with return Channel Tunnel crossing included in the price. There is also an option to use the Portsmouth to Bilbao ferry for the outward journey rather than driving down through France. 


This Tour is limited to 14 places. 

Belvedere Palace, Vienna

July/August 2020 A Viennese Whirl


A spectacular 13-day driving Tour that takes us through central Europe to visit a number of motoring and transport related places of interest in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. As you would expect, the Tour features some splendid driving roads and in addition we have the opportunity to spend two nights in Salzburg and three nights in Vienna, where in addition to all of the well known sights, we will also be able to visit the free open air film festival and food and drink extravaganza held in the square in front of the Town Hall during our stay. On this Tour all of the hotels with the exception of night 1 are 4* and as always the Tour is offered on a bed & breakfast basis with return Channel Tunnel crossing included in the price. 


This Tour is lmited to 14 places

September 2020 - Balkan Blast


A wonderful 21-day escorted Tour into the heart of Croatia. We will travel down in three days and then spend eleven days in Croatia where we will spend our time on the Dalmatian Coast, Istria, Montenegro and in the National Parks. We will have a free day in Split, the Plitvice National Park and two free days in Dubrovnik. We will also visit Rovinj, Mostar and the wonderful amphitheatre in Pula. Our journey back over seven days will include a free day at Lake Bled in Slovenia and superb driving in the Soca Valley and across a number of spectacular passes including the Vrsic & Podkoren passes in Slovenia, the old Brenner pass and the Silvretta pass in Austria and the Black Forest and Northern Vosges National Park. As always, bed & breakfast, hotel parking and return Channel Tunnel crossings are included in the price.


This Tour is limited to 12 places