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Covid-19 Update - 6th May 2020

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.


Since the last update, a number of escorted and unescorted tours have been postponed and rescheduled to 2021. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our tourists for their understanding and support during these uncertain times.


Whilst the majority of people booked on the postponed tours are able to travel on the rescheduled dates, a small number sadly can not. There are therefore a limited number of places available on these tours for 2021 which had previously been fully booked.


Whilst we continue not to accept further escorted or unescorted bookings for 2020, we have now reposted those escorted tours with places available in 2021 for which we are now taking bookings, on the "Escorted Tours 2021 & 2022" tab on this webpage.


We are not currently taking any unescorted bookings for 2021 as a number of unescorted tours from this year have been postponed to 2021 and we are therefore approaching our capacity. 

2020 Escorted Tours - Current Status

Presently (as at 6th May 2020) our Monaco Historique tour has been cancelled. Our "Passes of the Pyrenees" tour has been postponed to May 2021 and is now available to book on the "Escorted Tours 2021 & 2022" page of the website above. Our "Passion for Porsche" tour has similarly been postponed to June 2021 and is also available to book on the "Escorted Tours 2021 & 2022" page of the website.


In what are difficult times for us all personally and in business, we aim to protect the health and safety of our customers and ourselves in the first instance and then to deliver the tour that you have booked with us. 


You will be aware that the travel industry is one of a number of areas badly affected by this pandemic and we hope that you will be able to work with us to deliver your tour if it becomes necessary to reschedule it.


We have various contingencies that will allow us to reschedule all of our 2020 tours if necessary but at this stage we await further developments before making a decision on the remaining 2020 tours.


As it becomes apparent that a particular tour is not able to take place as scheduled we will contact those affected as a group and look to arrange a suitable rescheduling of the tour or other alternatives if necessary.


We have sent a detailed update to everyone with an escorted tour booked in 2020 and 2021 last week.


We thank you for your ongoing support for European Driving Tours and offer tourists old and new our best wishes at these difficult times.


Please stay safe and observe the social distancing guidelines and if you have any questions about your tour please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


Mark & Alison.