Unescorted Tours

All of our advertised tours are available as unescorted tours. This allows you to travel on a date that you choose*. Other than access to our tour guides, you still get all of our usual features such as highlighted route maps, roadbooks, sat-navs with pre-loaded routes and walkie-talkies for groups.


We are happy to provide unescorted tours for single cars, small groups or car clubs. There are no minimum numbers for unescorted Tours.  For more details please contact us via the online form or by telephone. 


Please note that on unescorted tours a refundable deposit may be required to cover loss or damage to Sat Navs & radios. 


We have arranged our unescorted tours into three catorgories. You can view the tours by following the links below;





10 to 14 Day Tours




Lake Bled - Slovenia
Neuschwanstein Castle - Fussen




5 to 7 Day Tours

* Please note that because some of these tours involve travel across alpine passes, roads may only be open between late May and October.