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E-mail: mark@europeandrivingtours.co.uk

European Driving Tours is a family run business. We have 20 years experience in providing bespoke self-drive holiday experiences in Europe, specialising in France, Switzerland and Italy but also covering Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our escorted tours are always accompanied by Mark and Alison, the company's directors. We stay in the same hotels, eat and drink in the same restaurants and always remain with the group during the day. We believe that only by doing this can we ensure the quality of the service that you receive. In addition there is always someone there that can offer help and advice should you need it.


Our goal is to ensure that your holiday is perfect. Our European Driving Tours really are a friendly experience. We treat our guests as friends and friendships made on our holidays last a lifetime.


We aim to provide a service that is as inclusive or as flexible as our clients require. On European Driving Tours you have the opportunity to stay with the group at all times or you are free to explore different places along the route and meet at the hotel in the evening.


Our accommodation aims to reflect the friendly and relaxed style of our tours. We  mainly use family run hotels which offer a true flavour of the countries that we are visiting rather than the larger hotel chains. All of our hotels are good 3 star or better. They are all booked on a bed and breakfast basis but all have access to good restaurants. Appropriate parking is always included.


European Driving Tours aims to capture the joy of exploring Europe by road. We welcome all types of vehicles and believe that our tours appeal to all types of people. All of escorted our tours are led by ourselves and our routes offer varied scenery and themes. Most people considering this type of holiday will enjoy the challenges of mountain passes and the famous driving roads but we also try and offer routes that allow you the opportunity to experience places of cultural and historical interest in addition to being able to enjoy regional gastronomic experiences.