Who are European Driving Tours?


European Driving Tours is owned and run by husband and wife Mark & Alison. We share a number of passions; Europe, cars, driving, good food, fine wine and a desire to share these things with others. We began route planning bespoke driving tours to Europe 18 years ago and from those origins European Driving Tours was born.


How do you select your routes and accomodation?


All of the routes and the hotels that we use on our European Driving Tours are selected as a result of our own experiences. We try to create a holiday that has wide ranging appeal but one that offers a true experience of the area that we are visiting and reflects the friendly, family experience our business offers its customers. 


I don't have a sports or supercar can I still book on a Tour?


Of course. Our holidays are driving experiences which will appeal to people who enjoy driving, but that doesn't mean that you have to have an exclusive vehicle to take part. As long as your vehicle is roadworthy and has the appropriate legal documentation you are welcome to join us.


I am a member of a car club, would you plan a tour specifically for us?


Yes. See our "Bespoke Tours" section. We can plan tours for your club which focus on themes (motorsport, museums, factory tours etc) or are simply tours to places that you have identified that we do not currently run tours to. We have extensive knowledge and experience of routes and accomodation across the whole of Europe so contact us and we will happily build and lead your bespoke tour. Discounts are available to group bookings on our Bespoke Tours, please see the relevant section for more details.


I would like to travel with a group of friends can we "block book" one of your tours?


Again, yes. Discounts are available for 4 or more cars (based on a minimum number of two people per car) on any of our European tours. Please contact us for further details. Alternatively we can build a tour around your requirements. Please see our "Bespoke Tours" page for more details.


I would love to book a European Driving Tour but am concerned that people will drive faster than me and I will get left behind.


European Driving Tours are not races or rallies. All participants must ensure that they abide by speed limits at all times. The main group will be led by ourselves. The pace will be one that suits the main body of the group and it will allow for detours and sightseeing along the route in addition to regular refuelling stops for  cars and of course the people in them! Everyone on the tour is free to travel faster or slower than the main group and to make whatever detours they wish. You will have comprehensive instructions to enable you to reach the evening destination along with preplanned stops throughout the day so you can travel at your own pace on every stage of the tour.